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Focus App: Forest. Work more focused and plant real trees while you’re at it.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first short blogpost about an app I sincerely enjoy. Today I would like to introduce you to the free app “Forest” to help you to work more concentrated and without distractions..

Missing focus in everyday work

Who doesn’t know those days when you sit in the home office and time barely passes. Reaching for the smartphone happens almost every minute. Tired after a day full of work, you ask yourself, “What did I actually accomplish today?” One of our daily companions, our smartphone, is here the main disturbance of our work. The simple solution would be to get rid of it and the disturbing apps. A more humane approach would be to install a focus app like Forest.

The Focus App Forest – the simple and sustainable solution for more mindfulness and focus in your life

You are not alone in these problems. I have had numerous days like this – and still have them. So I searched the Play Store for a workaround and came across Forest.

Forest is a simple app in which you set a time in which you want to work focused or be mindful (see image in the middle). The app will then plant a small tree for that time (see image on the left). Through the deep focus mode you have no chance to use another app – unless you are willing to let your little tree wither away. This simple act of withering a tree (see image on the right) is a hard one. Better stay focused instead of checking your Instagram feed a 15th time this day.

A forest full of focus and mindfulness

Over time, many trees emerge, creating a forest full of focus and mindfulness. The more trees you plant, the more coins you get to plant different trees. Now every time you pull out your smartphone for distraction or the FOMO syndrome catches up with you – you see a little tree of your wishes growing up.

Not enough for you? Then plant real trees

A digital forest full of trees is nice, but what’s the catch? Well, with forest you will be able to plant real trees with your focused working time! With the pro version (one-time payment about 2€) you can use your collected coins and invest in the building of a real tree. Together with the company “Trees for the Future” already 10 million trees could be planted in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania. With as little as 2 € and a lot of focused work you will make the world greener and yourself more productive.

What are you waiting for? Get the Focus App and keep your forest growing!

Now it’s your turn, no more procrastinating, scrolling and FOMO. Don’t give your phone a chance and do good for you and the environment!

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Messe, was wirklich wichtig ist

Timeular ist mittlerweile mein täglicher Begleiter. Vor allem als Projektmanager ermöglicht mir das einfach Zeittracking, meine Prioritäten stetig an die wichtigsten Projekte anzupassen.

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physical health
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Growth mindset
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  • Intuitive Nutzung durch Wechseln der Seiten
  • User Interface der App sehr nutzerfreundlich
  • Viele Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten zur individuellen Anpassung
  • Trends und Teamarbeiten nur mit Pro Version ersichtlich
  • Dauerhafte Bluetooth Verbindung notwendig

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