Focusera- Box


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Your smartphone safe for more productivity in your life. Lock your phone and spend quality time without distractions.

With time lock against distraction by smartphone.

The best product for parties and more focused work. Get control over your smartphone addiction and less screen time – Digital Detox made easy. With this box you will prevent distractions and block your access to your phone.

With the Focusera Box you can determine the time you want to focus (between 1 minute and 99 hours). It is scientifically proven, that if you lock you smartphone away (or just move it to another room) you will spend less time on your phone and work more concentrated and productive.

Dont loose time, with these four simple steps:

  1. put smartphone(s) in box,
  2. set timer,
  3. lock time lock,
  4. enjoy distraction-free time
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Focusera- Box
Focusera- Box


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