Courage Over Comfort Deck (BestSelf Co.)


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These personal growth cards will offer you new challenges to break out of your comfort zone and transform your life of being comfortable.

Expand your comfort zone with 150 daily challenges that inspire personal growth and mindset shifts.

Designed across 6 categories – health, learning, personal development, relationships and experiences, this deck is meant to sharpen every essential part of our lives.

Crafted for maximum growth – each challenge is built to get more out of everything you do, by exercising hard enough, by pushing your usual boundaries.

Build habits and get better – as you complete each challenge, you’ll build habits that allow you to be comfortable with discomfort. This is where you’ll experience some of the most important transformations and developmental stages on the path to being your best self.

Optimize your creativity – Doing tasks outside of your comfort zone will bring new experiences into your life that you wouldn’t have considered before. These new experiences will positively change the way you look at life.

Be Uncomfortable – Exponential growth happens in the zone of discomfort and this deck will help you get better at uncomfortable things!

Courage Over Comfort Deck (BestSelf Co.)
Courage Over Comfort Deck (BestSelf Co.)


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