Jocko Willink: Extreme Leadership and The Power of Self-Discipline (The School of Greatness)


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Ex-military Jocko Willink shares his Extreme Leadership style and Extreme Ownership: You alone are responsible for your decisions.

BE MILITARY MINDED. A lot of people think that leadership means having all the answers. Barking orders at your team, hoping they stay in line and obey. Pretending to know it all even when you don’t. True leadership is understanding human nature. What if leaders accepted responsibility for any mistakes made on their teams? We have to stop thinking of leadership as a destination. It is a journey where we listen, learn, and strategize with our teams, not for them. It’s not about ego; it’s about humility, balance, accountability, and execution. In today’s episode of The School of Greatness, I talk about the art of leadership with a retired Navy SEAL officer and a business consultant: Jocko Willink. Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book ‘Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win,’ and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. Jocko spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, starting as an enlisted SEAL and rising the ranks to become a SEAL officer. As commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the battle of Ramadi, he orchestrated SEAL operations that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the U.S. Army’s First Armored Division bring stability to the violent, war-torn city. Task Unit Bruiser became the most highly decorated Special Operations Unit of the Iraq War. Jocko returned from Iraq to serve as Officer-In-Charge of Training for all West Coast SEAL Teams. There he spearheaded the development of leadership training and personally instructed and mentored the next generation of SEAL leaders who have continued to perform with great success on the battlefield. In 2010, Jocko retired from the Navy and launched Echelon Front with Leif Babin, where he teaches the leadership principles he learned on the battlefield to help others lead and win. Jocko has put together leadership principles that will help you become a successful leader. So get ready to learn the art of strategy and leadership on Episode 871. Some Questions I Ask: What did you learn when you took on the leadership role as a Navy SEAL? () How do you make sure that your intent is felt all of the way down the chain of command? () Do you have a mission and mantra for your company? () Is there a connection between leadership and human nature? () How important is feedback from your team? () What’s the most important relationship we have in our lives? () In This Episode You Will Learn: The toughest challenges when becoming a Navy SEAL leader. () The most humbling moment on the battlefield. () How to take responsibility when you’re in a big organization. () Why leadership is about understanding human nature. () Two things leaders can do to improve immediately. () How to handle yourself when your ego wants to respond. () How to take ownership of your decisions in life. () If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at and follow at
Jocko Willink: Extreme Leadership and The Power of Self-Discipline (The School of Greatness)
Jocko Willink: Extreme Leadership and The Power of Self-Discipline (The School of Greatness)

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